Sleep Dentistry Services for a Comfortable and Relaxed Dental Experience

Experience gentle, anxiety-free dental care at Hammondville Dental

We offer high-quality sedation dentistry that ensures your dental work is done safely and comfortably. Our IV sedation is the perfect option for patients who find dental treatments to be a nerve-wracking experience. The medication used in IV sedation dentistry is delivered directly into the bloodstream, allowing for a profound calming effect.

This method will help to alleviate any anxieties or worries, making your dental experience as stress-free as possible. Our highly skilled dental professionals have extensive experience in sedation dentistry and will always have your safety and comfort as a top priority.

Can sleep dentistry be considered a safe procedure?

Sleep dentistry, also known as conscious sedation, is generally safe when performed by a trained and experienced dentist. Conscious sedation involves the administration of medication that helps the patient relax and feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

The drugs used for conscious sedation are safe when given in the correct doses and under appropriate conditions. During conscious sedation, the patient remains conscious and can respond to the dentist’s commands. However, they may feel sleepy and have little memory of the procedure afterwards. Patients who have experienced conscious sedation report feeling relaxed and comfortable during their dental procedure.

It is important to note that conscious sedation is not appropriate for everyone. Patients with certain medical conditions, such as obstructive sleep apnea or allergies to sedatives, may not be good candidates for sedation dentistry. It is important you discuss your anxiety around dental treatments and share your complete medical history with our highly-qualified, experienced dentists so they can provide the appropriate care.

Don’t let the fear of the dentist hold you back from getting the treatments you need. The friendly, experienced team at Hammondville Dental can help you by offering comfortable, stress-free procedures with IV sedation. Contact us today!

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